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The endodontic retreatment

An endodontic retreatment takes place when the patient has complaints about a previously treated element.

A operating microscope is an indispensable apparatus for many aspects of the endodontic retreatment. Before we retreat a patient, an anamnesis will be taken. Then, one will among other things look at:

The following aspects are playing a role in the relevant treatment:
  • The X-ray shows a peripical lucency which has grown bigger rather than smaller in the course of time
  • Missed root canals
  • The canal filling is of average quality and the apical part is not well filled
  • The restoration leaves a lot to be desired
  • A root tip in one of the canals
  • A (strip) perforation or a 'fausse route'
  • A broken instrument in one of the canals
The present situation is explained to the patient and the consequences/risks are discussed (plan of treatment with an 'informed consent').

The treatment consists of a number of steps:

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  • Operating microscope
  • Methylene blue
  • Gutta-percha tip

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